While finishing my design studies, As’art asked me to update there catalogue, unchanged since 2010. I proposed to re-design the shape, dimensions and graphic aspect of  200 pages online catalogue. I wanted to not only give a colorful and simple way of reading product informations,  but also to give an opportunity to travel with photos.


2016, was for me the year of pattern 
exploration, besides the fact that 
patterns have always existed, it appears that what we could qualified as 
"graphic patterns", have now a new 
functionality. Inspired by traditional 
patterns from China, Japan, Vietnam, 
Thailand some was inspired from my trips to Asia.

Demontature : Is democracy dictatureship ?

In a world where everything is about politics, and where nothing is sacred. Here is a personal reflexion about our world. Nothing is good or bad, I used the official portrait of previous president and added fearless leaders posture. This work was done on Photoshop, and can be seen as a game where by observation you mint see who is behind the official portrait.