Dessine-moi un français


"Illustrate me " is a project proposing to explain French  with illustrations. All of them are hand draw  and are explained in numerous languages as presented here.

Do you want to speak like a French? Learn the expressions with "Dessine moi un français"

If you have a crush on one French expression in particular,why not printing one and make it a Poster?

Demontature : Is democracy dictatureship ?

In a world where everything is about politics, and where nothing is sacred. Here is a personal reflexion about our world. Nothing is good or bad, I used the official portrait of previous president and added fearless leaders posture. This work was done on Photoshop, and can be seen as a game where by observation you mint see who is behind the official portrait.

Mysterious creatures

This work was mostly done to pay a tribute to animals in general way. Mankind always thought that they are different. Animals have there own language we just need to learn it. Done on Photoshop, this work is a collection of illustrations taken from old encyclopedia volume.

Fig 1. Zembra Smith – offered to FBB created by Brigitte Bardot in 1986, is a French foundation dedicated to animal protection (Auction Rossini 2016)